Getting Started

Welcome to JDW Distributors. To register as a new customer, please click on the Register/Login tab and fill out a simple form.

Order Minimum is $50

Orders placed Monday - Thursday will ship within 24 hours. If there are any shortages or problems, we will notify you by email.

In the check out process, you can specify a PO number and a future ship date.



All products we carry are shelf stable and have a 3-12 month shelf life. You can see the average shelf life of a product by looking at the detailed item page.

JDW Distributors will guarantee a 3 month shelf life on all products we ship. When a product has less than a 3 month shelf life, we will make note of it in the product description. Due to shelf life concerns, we can only take returns on items within 14 days of the order (cases only).

If you receive an item that does not meet these standards, please let us know immediately so we can take care of the issue.

If a product does not have a best by date on it, sometimes it will have a Julian Date Code

Here is an example of how to read it: code: 0195 (July 14, 2000); 0=year, 195=Julian date -- July 14th is the 195th day of that year.

Thank you,

Jon Kearley

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